Thursday, 27 September 2007

OnePoint! - Combining OneNote and SharePoint

OneNote - An electronic version of my paper notebook where I can drag and drop documents onto a page and annotate. A great user interface that seamlessly allows integration and management of your emails and MS Office files with free text annotations.

SharePoint - A good project level content management system (lets be honest the wiki and blog functions are not there yet) with a classically non-intuitive Microsoft user interface.

OneNote + SharePoint - An excellent collaborative electronic project notebook. All the power of SharePoints online content management system with fantastically user friendly electronic notebook interface.

There can only be one name for this combination - OnePoint


Crazy Okie said...

Can you give a good reference for how to learn OneNote? And I'm curious what your recommendation would be for a collaborative software suite for scientists where we have some documents (like excel spreadsheets) that we need to have version control and others that are fixed documents (laboratory protocols). We provide a quasi-service function, collaborating with university investigators to assist them in conducting animal studies.

JohnGuin said...

Hello Okie,

The best guide I have seen to learn OneNote is the guide that comes with it. Read through the OneNote Guide first - it has a ton of information about how to do just about everything OneNote can.

(shameless plugs) You could also check out and for more information from the product team.

Thanks for using OneNote,
John Guin

Ben Gardner said...

I'd second John and also endorse his blog. We have a Guides and Tips notebook we deploy to all users when we set them up with OneNote and it includes links to both the blogs mentioned, though I'd also highlight the free OneNote webcast (

Maxine said...

Great work.