Sunday, 30 November 2008


This week rather than attend a wiki Wednesday gathering I attended Amplified08. This was a gathering of various 'social media' networks from across the UK. Details of what happened can be read over on the Amplified08 wiki and blog. What did I think of it? I met some interesting people had some interesting conversation but left not really any the wiser as to the aim of the meeting beyond a desire to connect people. The interesting thing is that when I attend a wiki Wednesday meeting I go along with the expectation of meeting interesting people and having interesting conversations. Why did I expect something different? Maybe my issues is that I'm too preconditioned to expect meetings to be focused around producing a product. Maybe it's because I'm interested in wiki's and I share that in common with those who attend wiki Wednesday's, I'd describe this as a strong tie. However in the case of Amplified08 the thing we all had in common was an interest in social media and that we belonged to at least one networking group, for me this is a weak tie. If I had to choose between attending a wiki Wednesday or another Amplified session then wiki Wednesday wins. What would make me change my mind? A higher purpose. One reason community's band together is to speak with a unified voice. The old adage "we are stronger if we stand together than stand alone". So what could that higher purpose be? Net Neutrality, Defending the freedom of the network, Defining standards, Influencing government, Taking back ownership of our identity data. What would you choose?

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Dear Gartner

This week I had a fantastic small world encounter. Sitting in a meeting with colleagues from another large pharmaceutical company I was asked if I'd met Jessica? Admitting I was part of the team that produced it I enquired where they had 'encountered' her. The answer "in a Gartner report". At first I was flattered but once I saw the report I was less than amused. Why? Gartner had incorporated not one or two slides but the whole slide deck, except one - the acknowledgment slide. Further they identified the source as This is equivalent to showing a video and identifying the source as YouTube. It is amusing that Gartner appear not to understand the basic difference between author and publisher. I'm not upset that Jessica is hanging out with consultants but I would like her to let me know who they are. So you should feel free to use the content but please provide acknowledgment to the author and maybe a comment against the content where it is published.