Monday, 22 October 2007

Can Enterprise2.0 beat the wiki 90:9:1 rule?

Two weeks ago I gave a presentation, ‘What is Enterprise2.0?’ at our mother site in the US. At the start I wanted to get a feel for my audience, about 80 people, so I asked a few quick questions around who was using what Web2.0 tools. When I asked the room how many had used Wikipedia ~90% said yes. When asked how many had made an edit this dropped to ~10%. This fits with the usage stats from public wiki’s i.e. 90:9:1 rule (90% read, 9% make occasional edits, 1% make regular edits). When the same question was asked about our corporate wiki ~50% of those present had used it but about ~50% of those had edited it. Two key messages here:
  1. We need to raise the profile of our corporate wiki but also what it is for and how to use it.
  2. Wiki’s inside the firewall can significantly beat the 90:9:1 rule.
This second point is very interesting and illustrates that there are advantages to be had around adoption and usage of Web2.0 tools within the corporation. All too often we focus on the negatives i.e. meet Charlotte. We should recognise that within the corporation we have a natural community; we all have the same goal and a common purpose. This is a big advantage when implementing Web2.0 tools as one of the biggest challenges is creating the community.

PS A great use case example of wiki implementation can be seen here.

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